The St Matthew’s Old Girls' Association

The Association

The St Matthew’s Old Girls' Association, or SMOGA, as our group is fondly called, has as its key objectives keeping in contact with as many past pupils of the school as possible, and to aid St Matthew’s wherever possible.

Formed in 1931, SMOGA has been instrumental in providing support to the school in a variety of ways. Perhaps the most prominent was securing the little church from Turakina, near Whanganui, and transporting it to the present site at the school in 1985. Other Old Girl driven projects you may notice around St Matthew’s include plaques, gardens, outdoor seating and many of the photographs which hang in the school hallways and foyers. We also administer two Scholarships. 

All leavers are offered the opportunity to become Life Members of the Association by paying a one-off fee at the conclusion of their days at St Matt’s. We then keep in touch with those members via an annual magazine which is full of articles and news of Old Girls.


Current Committee


Adie Long (Cameron)


Bridget Mathewson (Andrew)


Amanda McLeod (Herrick)


Sarah Harris (Herrick)

Steph Haworth 

Nicola Spencer (Tatham)

Nicola Hewitt (Dunn)

Deb Clinton-Baker (Davidson)

Georgina Orsborn

Rachel Bell (Broad)

Kristy Broderick (Forbes)

Georgie Shaw (Wimsett)

Kathryn Kennedy (Percy)

Lucy Thorneycroft (McLachlan)

George Vincent (Hodson) 


Elsje Neal