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Rathkeale/ St Matts Choir Reunion Book the Date: 4 & 5 June 2021

Next year will be 20 years since the Rathkeale Singers was started. This of course led to Trinity Singers and later Viva Camerata. During some of that time, I also took Schola Cantorum. To celebrate this journey, we intend to have a CHOIR REUNION over Queen’s Birthday Weekend in 2021. 

That is so that our reunion can coincide with the ROBA Decade Reunions. The proposed plan is that on the Saturday afternoon – for about an hour – there will be a concert which will end with a few mass items sung by the 2021 Viva Camerata group, as well as all former choir members who are interested. We will obviously have to do a bit of a practice, but this is what we are proposing: 

FRIDAY 4th June afternoon: 4:30 – 6pm : Rehearsal. This will enable choir members to go directly over to the dining room and join the function there if they wish to do so. 

SATURDAY 5th June morning: 10:30 –12noon: Rehearsal 1:30 –2:30pm. CONCERT 

We are also thinking of creating a smaller social function that would not clash with social functions of the year groups. Please keep in mind that this will incur a cost. Nibbles and drinks after the concert or a late brunch at a local restaurant. If anyone has a different suggestion, please let me know. 

Please express your interest by return email ASAP. Would love to see many of you again and have you sing along! 

Kiewiet van Deventer - Choir Director


2021 Combined Reunion Weekend Proposal with ROBA

Over recent years the Rathkeale Old Boys’ Association (ROBA) have focused on Queen's Birthday Weekend for their Decade Reunions. 

There is a growing appreciation amongst the Old Boys that the reunion model is working well and becoming an established annual event. 

ROBA and SMOGA would love to see some year groups who are planning reunions consider making Queen’s Birthday weekend their reunion weekend of choice. 

The Old Girls could organise time to look around at St Matt’s and to do their own thing as well as potentially joining the Old Boys for time with their combined year group. This could possibly be a joint dinner on the Saturday night. 

If you are part of a cohort that finished its time at Rathkeale/St Matthew’s in 1970, 1980, 1990, 2000 or 2010 then Queen's Birthday 2020 was your time to come back to share time with your College Contemporaries. Due to COVID-19 this has been delayed until 2021, to be combined with those who finished on a ‘1’ year (1971, 1981, 1991, 2001, 2011). 

The format adopted by ROBA is as follows: 

FRIDAY 4th June (evening): 6:30 pm social gathering for all attendees and partners in College Dining Hall ($30.00 per person) 

SATURDAY 6th June (morning): Morning tea, school tours, photographs and lunch (courtesy of the College) 

SATURDAY 6th June (afternoon): Free time or activities as organised by Year Group Facilitators. 

Saturday Evening: Individual year group functions

For more information, give Grant Harper a call at the College 027 246 6707 or 06 370 0175 extn. 7730 or email

If you or your year group would like any further information about how the Rathkeale Reunion model works. 


The Inaugural Annual ROBA/SMOGA Auckland Reunion

The 2019 inaugural annual Auckland reunion at the Parnell Tennis Club was a huge success. There were approximately 100 people in attendance with some last-minute RSVPs.

The reunion was a fabulous opportunity to share stories, renew old acquaintances and catch up with the impressive achievements of so many of former students.

The March 2020 Reunion details will be posted on the ROBA and SMOGA FB Pages.

L-R Tania Clifton-Smith (Clifton), Caroline Petrie (Martin), Bruce and Gwen Levick, Rowan Cowie, Celia Motion (Tatham).

Current Rathkeale Principal, Martin O’Grady and wife Sara with Past Rathkeale Principal John Taylor and his wife Sarah.